Saturday, 15 February 2020

Going Around The Bend

In my last post I raved on about a railway modelling "stream bed" product that I thought could be used in wargaming. 

I'd already blasted out a metre or so when one of my more astute readers asked me how I was going to create river bends given that the stuff came out of the packet in one long straight roll.



Forgot about the corners.

After a bit of experimentation I ended up using the Terry's Chocolate Orange approach in which I took cheese wedge chunks out of a straight bit then glued them together on the backing board. As Eric used to say about little Ern's hairpiece… you can barely see the join. 

My curves are designed to transition from one flat edge of a hex to another so are relatively gentle, however I'm pretty sure with a bit more time and patience I could produce a longer fairly wriggly affair in the same manner.

You can just about see the faint grey hex lines - if you stare at the picture for 20 mins or so.

While on the subject of terrain, I'd resigned myself to making another load of road sections too when I came across this little beauty - also in the railway modelling section of ebay. 

6mm "gentleman with halberd" for scale comparison

Yeah, it's a roll of cork for putting under track. The more I looked at the texture the more I thought…dirt road. 

For ten quid I purchased 10m of the stuff and for reference purposes the one in the piccy is 3mm thick by 3.5cm wide. 

There are a variety of different sizes available and I'm pretty sure it can be jazzed up with a bit of flock on the edges etc. Certainly a cheap way of doing roads.

Having taken some off the roll I was disappointed to see that it kept wanting to curl. This could have been solved by gluing it to a base board of course but since I didn't want the depth of the road to be any thicker I pressed it flat and put a bit of sellotape on the back. It's remained flat for a week now so I think I might have solved the problem.

Anywhoo I'm offski. My Peter Pig Vikings arrived yesterday and they aren't going to base coat themselves.