Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Ooh Look Saxons!

It's been a busy week so I'm going to have to chuck this blatant (and for me incredibly short) filler post in just to keep the blog ticking over. 

The current heir to the JBM fortune turned up last Tuesday with wife and children in tow to perform the customary annual emptying of the fridge. During his stay I was also pressed to endure the other time honoured family tradition of a thorough war gaming thrashing. I had hoped on this occasion to capitalise on my lads lack of experience with the G&G rules but due to a series of the most appalling die rolls my boarding actions went badly wrong and my heavy hitting frigate became stuck on shoals where it was circled and bombarded into splinters at close range. So bad was the drubbing - all photo's of the occasion (taken for the blog) have been expunged from my phone. 

Bad loser…moi? 


In other news, having finally secured a serious buyer for our gaff I'm off to Wales tomorrow to look for somewhere new to live. I suspect this'll mean a bit of a posting hiatus since apart from house hunting I'll be spending any spare time trying to find TCMB a new pointy hat, shawl, and spinning wheel.

Anyway before they transition straight into a box file, here's a few piccies of my slowly increasing Saxon host. 

Based on 6cm wide bases for Dux Bellorum these still only account for 25 of a possible 32 army points - and of course there's more work required to fill this side out before I even consider starting the Viking army. Units are based on 1:10 ratio -  which means so far this bunch represents 600 men.

Here's some of my usual blurry crappy photo's.

2 bases of 15mm Peter Pig & Splintered Light miniatures in Shieldwall formation.

Blurry skirmishers in suitably drab clothing.
Saxon Horse. (Ahem) Ooh - now there's contentious look you...
***Late Edit*** - Aberlemno Stone showing Saxon Riders V Pictish infantry - see comments section.

The family photo

Okay cokey - I'm off to gorge myself on lava bread. If anyone wants to buy a used French Rugby shirt or a 5 CD French Language course - I can offer you a good deal.

Bora da!